Cuisine Set


GET LiiD & SKID in your preferred type of wood together.
Body: robina / walnut / macassar
Blade: classic knife design re-interpreted 
Blade length: 132 mm / 192mm
Hardness: 63 HRC (Rockwell)
Wight: 242 mm / 312mm
Type of Steel: SB1 - surgical steel from medicine

Each knife is manufactured in 10 process steps. More than 54% of them are handmade. Also our accessories are mainly handmade in our manufactory.

Our woods are hand-selected according to high criteria. Annual ring arrangements, wood moisture and tannic acid content play a major role. Only then can a wooden LIGNUM product guarantee its natural protection against bacteria and moisture for a lifetime.

Steel manufactured from 100 years of tradition in Solingen: SB1, also known as (Niolox) surgical steel, is a steel used in medical technology. Often scalpels are made of it. Together with the largest sharpening company in Solingen the "Karl Clauberg GmbH", blades with high hardness and long lasting cutting edges are produced.

All blades are surface-sealed with a diamond disk (blau-gepließtet) and receive their final sharpness in traditional Solingen high-end quality in our manufactory.

Care: With daily use 1x per week oiling. Use linseed oil or our special developed mixture: LIQUID
By the way: Did you know that by cutting fatty foods, the wood even protects itself.

Clean: Only rinse with warm water and dry off, (no chemical cleaners).
Blade: Don't use any sharpening steel tools, just ceramic grinding stone from 3000 and for fine grinding our leather STROP .

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